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And perhaps in me someone very old still hears the living sound of wood
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Public Art Projects
Camouflage 1 (Rock). 2014.
HD Video (continuous loop)
Camouflage No.2 (Water). 2014.
HD Video 3'58”
Artist Statement and Project Description
Camouflage No.1 (Rock)  and Camouflage No.2 (Water) continue some of the same threads from the Experiment in Landscape series but use the photographic object to blend into the natural environment. In Camouflage No.1 (Rock) a rock-like cape was produced using a photograph of a rock face in the Healy Creek area,  and was then printed onto inkjet -printable textile and sewn together. In the video, I don the textile and use it to blend into the  same rock face in a climbing performance work. This is a rock face I am familiar with as a climber, and have climbed here many times.

In Camouflage No.2 (Water), I use a traditional c-print photograph of the stream in the video to act as my 'camouflage'.  I chose to use a c print because it has the ability to withstand being submerged and because of its relationship to a more traditional photograph.  In both works, I continue to work with endurance and discomfort by performing in the landscape, as well as work with the humourous element to the performed act. I am also thinking of traditional patriarchal notions of a perceived relationship between women and nature. Constructed wilderness and the photographic object within performance and installation are also key points.
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