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And perhaps in me someone very old still hears the living sound of wood
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Experiment in Landscape No, 1
Experiment in Landscape No, 2
Experiment in Landscape, No. 1 and No. 2
Artist Statement and Project Description
Experiment in Landscape, No.1  and Experiment in Landscape, No.2  are  investigations into constructed landscape, narrative and performance.

In Experiment in Landscape, No.1, I used the backdrop of Rundle Mountain under a full moon and the paper cutout effect rendered upon the mountains by moonlight to play with notions of scale and the surreal in nature.

In Experiment in Landscape, No.2 ,  I used an 8”x10” view camera in combination with video in an attempt to describe a moment of suspension in nature; suspension of belief and of physical reality. The work is as much about the language of photography as it is about video, as I try to reconcile the construct of the decisive moment and the tradition of monumental landscape photography with the act of being a body in space in nature.

In both videos, the act of interruption and humour in the sublime is a consistent theme. My act of entering the scene to do a headstand is intended as an interruption to the surreal nature of the landscape, but also an attempt for me to gain a different perspective on the landscape through performing a physical gesture that requires concentration and focus.
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