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Photo Tarot (2005)
Artist Statement and Project Description
The Photographic Tarot project is intended to investigate the ideas of destiny and agency through the medium of portrait photography and the symbolism of the Tarot. Tarot cards have traditionally been viewed as a way of divining an individuals’ future, with the symbols and meanings found on the cards used to interpret and meditate upon events in the seeker’s life. Photography is traditionally seen as a medium that in some way reflects real life. The act of combining the myth and symbolism of the Tarot with the photographic medium meshes the imagination of the participants with elements of the real world.

For this work I photographed 78 different people in various environments using the symbolism found in the traditional Rider Waite Tarot deck. Participants in the project randomly chose from a deck of Tarot cards, reflected on the meaning of this card in relation to their life and in turn, create a new personalized vision of that card. I chose to interpret the remaining card as my card. Accompanying each photo/card is the person’s name, the title of the chosen tarot card and it’s traditionally meaning, as well as a brief explanation of how that meaning was translated into the new card. For me, the process involved in creating this work is almost as important, if not equal to, the final photographs.

I have only presented the first 25 of the series, please contact me if you wish to see the whole series.

This work was graciously funded by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

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