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Wonder Woman (2000)
Artist Statement and Project Description
This series, created while in the undergraduate program at Emily Carr Institute, is an exploration into performance within photography. In the work, I am interested in creating a humorous look at the glorified female persona that is Wonder Woman and I want to show her secret life by illustrating the banal things that she has to do. As well, part of the impulse to create this series was a reaction to my feelings of alienation upon moving to a new city that was large and overwhelming. Dressing up a super hero while “performing” my everyday activities was a way to feel comfortable in that new environment by choosing to be larger than life, as opposed to becoming anonymous by merging into the background.

The second part of the series is photo documentation of myself getting into the costume. With this part of the series, I am concerned with exposing the act of donning the Wonder Woman persona and the transformation that occurs when one manufactures any type façade with which to meet the outside world.

On the whole, the Self Portrait as Wonder Woman series became a starting point for my fascination with the performative aspect of photography and my interest in incorporating storytelling (with a surreal twist) into the everyday.

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